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Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

A countertop that does nothing for your kitchen/bathroom décor and is just a functional piece, is a disservice to your home. These should be a statement AND a practical feature in your home that can take your décor to the next level. Who says countertops for kitchen and bathroom has to be boring? We offer a wide range of styles that will enhance the innate beauty of a space.

High-Quality Stone Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

We offer a wide variety of natural stone countertops to meet your needs some of which include:

Granite Countertops – As one of our best sellers, you really cannot go wrong by choosing a granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. The stone is porous and is made of a number of minerals each of which has its own color and patterns. The overall effect is stunning, to say the least.

Marble Countertops – Kitchen and bathroom countertops that are made of marble are statement pieces in their own right. The traditional and easy-to-clean material always seems to be in style. While it is more prone to staining compared to granite, marble can stand the test of time better in comparison.

Dekton Countertops – This is a completely innovative, ultra-compact surface. Its superior technical characteristics provide unique UV resistance, exceptional strength against scratches, and high resistance against staining and temperature shock.  Dekton offers infinite design possibilities through its variety of colors and finishes identical to wood, natural stone, concrete, and metal, as well as solid hues. It is also available in several textures such as rippled, leather, denim, slate, brushed, or coated.

Silestone Countertops – Silestone’s nearly indestructible surface is stain, scorch, and scratch-resistant.  With a very low absorption index and a minimal number of joints, Silestone is perfect for spaces where liquid exists.
Silestone is a low maintenance surface.

Choose the Right Countertop for Your Needs with Our Help!

The wrong countertop can prove disastrous when it comes to your kitchen and bathroom aesthetic and functionality. Besides being durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, the material should be attractive and affordable as well.

Our team of expert designers will go over your kitchen and bathroom countertop choices and help you make an informed decision you can be proud of. Some of the things that we will ask you to consider include the following:

  • Lifestyle and uses – Whether you are a chef or don’t cook a lot, we have the countertop for you.
  • Budget – Choose a countertop that can suit an investment property or can withstand long-term wear and tear in your home as per your budget.
  • Colors and textures – Pick from a soft matte finish or hard and shiny finishes.

Please do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need when you come down to our gallery. We will be more than happy to answer them if it means we can fulfill your needs.

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