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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill

Luxury Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry

K. Alexander is the premium supplier of high end and luxury kitchen and bath cabinets. We offer a wide range of custom and semi custom brands that not only make those spaces stand out but also stands the test of time. The perfect blend of style, function, and beauty to which each unit is designed will make your home inviting, chic, and stylish.

With every brand we offer there is something for every design and budget. In fact, we don’t stop there. We take great pride in helping customers select the right brand and products that can fulfill your desirers.

Opulent Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinetry From A Range Of Prominent Brands

At K. Alexander, we take everything into consideration when it comes to recommending bespoke kitchen and bath cabinetry for our diverse clientele. This includes providing cabinets from a range of brands that can meet each clients exact needs. Some of them include the following:


Design your cabinets your way with American-made Showplace Cabinetry. We’re a 100% employee-owned cabinet brand focused on bringing convenience and lasting quality to any space in your home. Yet, with so much creative flexibility, we can still fit the most down-to-earth budgets.


Cuisine Idéale designs and builds kitchen and bathroom cabinets since 1971. Our expertise enables us to design the product that perfectly matches your lifestyle from an exceptional selection of high-end products. Furthermore, Cuisine Idéale only uses high-quality materials, which allows us to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products.

Cuisine Idéale offers today an exceptional range of products due to its tested manufacturing methods. Each product has been made using the same manufacturing processes, which allows us to offer unique and intricate items of the highest quality that are delivered on time every day. Furthermore, we are always on the lookout for new trends and technologies in order to create products that will keep surprising you.


Our company was founded in 1963, based on the core beliefs of building strong personal relationships and creating exceptional quality and value in every product we make.

We’ve consciously chosen to forgo national home center business and high profile marketing, in favor of investing in the best possible product value, backed by local, independently owned businesses you can count on to guide you through a successful new kitchen project.

Today, supported by more than 135 skilled men and women, we’ve grown to a 170,000 square foot facility in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m proud to be joined by my daughter, Carter, two generations committed to the company’s original core values.

We invite you to discover the exceptional value of Kabinart . . . premium construction, quality details, a wide range of specialty finishes, a variety of interior convenience features, and the personal attention of your local kitchen specialist.

James Martin Vanities

Founded in 2006, James Martin Vanities is a leading manufacturer of luxury bathroom vanity cabinets and mirrors. Our designs start with quality materials and centuries-old construction techniques. Our artisans create furniture pieces that are crafted to last and designed to be both functional and beautiful. Each piece is constructed, assembled, and finished by hand using top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

We know that our customers treasure their individual styles, and we design each piece to allow the flexibility to make the design yours. With over forty collections and thousands of combinations of cabinets, finishes, sizes, and tops to choose from, we offer both aesthetic and practical versatility to reflect your style and allow you to create your own personal bathroom retreat.

Building quality furniture is our focus. Designing furniture pieces that make your bathroom come alive is our passion.

Plain and Fancy

We wouldn’t be 50 years into this business without an amazing team of people. Founded in 1968 as a family-owned business, Plain & Fancy continues to be run and owned by the Achey family today. Our family-centered mindset maintains top priority, allowing us to give back to the very same community that has supported us throughout our journey.

Plain & Fancy founder John Achey’s hobby was making cabinets. They were handcrafted, hand-rubbed, extraordinarily handsome cabinets. The kind he’d be proud to have in his own home. In 1968, his “hobby” turned into the pursuit of a dream when John, his wife, Loretta, and just four “employees” – their kids – began building cabinetry in their Richland, PA garage. One of America’s most sought-after custom cabinetry brands was born. It was named, quite simply, for the cabinets they made. This is when Plain & Fancy was born.


Europe is a land of small businesses with a long history of fierce competition. Their ancient roots can still be seen today, as each one tries to distinguish itself from the others by developing original designs. This is true in all fields. Bathroom furnishings are one of them. Nowhere else in the world can you find such a variety of artistically designed bathroom furniture and accessories as in Europe.

Lacava, a company of Italian origin, located in Chicago, is dedicated to continuing this legacy in order to enrich American private homes and lifestyles as well as public facilities with ingenious and inspiring bathroom collections. As a result of Lacava’s collaboration with designers from around the world in defining the future bathroom styles, the company specializes in both contemporary and transitional styles for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential applications in standard and custom settings. The geographical location of Lacava enables us to provide our customers with the convenience of local, personalized service, coupled with state-of-the-art technologies and experienced artisans creating superior quality furnishings with customization capacity. Our complete product collections are constantly changing and expanding as we restlessly strive to shape the forthcoming market trends.


Discover the splendor of Italy and the essence of the Italian Dolomites with Stonetouch’s exquisite natural stone vanities, shower bases, and bathtubs.

StoneTouch holds steadfast the belief that each piece should embody a harmonious fusion of functionality, durability and timeless artistry, ensuring your enjoyment for years to come.

And more!

At K. Alexander, we understand that each homeowner has a unique lifestyle that they are incredibly proud of. That is why we take immense pride in making sure they can find what they are looking for. To do that we are constantly updating our offerings with new options that can meet their design requirements and by helping them narrow down their choices.

Get In Touch With Us To Discuss Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry Needs Today! We Would Love To Discuss Options With You.

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