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Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting in Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill

K. Alexander is your guide to the best kitchen and bath lighting fixtures in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Our staff members are product experts in every option we offer and can shed light on how you can illuminate a space to reflect your vision.

We are committed to partnering with you whether you need lighting options for new construction or remodeling projects. Allow us to help you explore possibilities that will shed light on your vision.

Kitchen Lighting Solutions That Can Create A Practical and Soothing Environment

At K. Alexander, we advise our clients to pick lighting fixtures that can suit their vision for the space they have in mind. While trends come and go, our lighting can satisfy not only your vision, but also can create an ambience for ever lasting memories. Take the kitchen for example. This space requires strategic task lighting that can illuminate high-activity areas such as the stovetop and kitchen island.

Since we have a wide range of options, the choices can be overwhelming at first. Our designers will work with you to ensure the ones you select will be aesthetically pleasing and functional. These include:

General lighting – Provides basic light for the kitchen and illuminates the entire space with a soft glow.

Task lighting – Highlights specific work areas to enhance productivity.

Accent lighting – Create a focal point in the room and can be layered for astounding effects.

Get Exclusive Access to Top of the Line Bath and Vanity Lights – Make Your Bathroom a Haven

In our experience, the modern bathroom is a multi-operational space. It can move from a calming retreat to a utilitarian space in a single day. However, a poorly lit mirror, powder room, and bath can make you start your day with a dim countenance (no pun intended).

At K. Alexander, we strive to give our customers a complete experience when it comes to bathroom lighting. A properly lit bath is the sum of its parts. Anything from the size of the fixture, to where they are placed to which bulbs are used can make a huge difference.

Bathrooms should be able to move from bright for morning ablutions to a softer mood light when you finally sink into a bubble bath at the end of the day. At K. Alexander, we can give you several options that can ensure you can move from one mood to another without effort.

This includes providing LED mood lighting options that you can use to dial up the mood or bring it down via dimmer switches. These are also available for fluorescent and incandescent lighting so you can choose as per your décor and ambiance needs.

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